Tuesday, November 28

Tom Cotton slams Biden for saying assembly with China’s Xi was ‘an honor and pleasure’

Sen. Tom Cotton criticized President Biden for his assembly with Chinese President Xi Jinping final week, suggesting his demeanor towards the communist chief was too informal.

“It’s one thing to meet with our communist adversaries. It’s another for Biden to say that it was an honor and pleasure to welcome a communist dictator like Xi Jinping to America,” Mr. Cotton mentioned on Fox News Sunday, including that he was “worried [about] the demeanor and attitude” the president had throughout the assembly.

“That’s not the kind of thing Ronald Reagan would’ve said when he brought Mikhail Gorbachev to the White House,” the Arkansas Republican mentioned.

The two presidents met Wednesday in San Francisco on the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit to debate commerce, Taiwan and U.S.-Chinese relations. They additionally mentioned methods to cease the stream of fentanyl into the United States, together with find out how to reestablish military-to-military communication.

Mr. Cotton additionally mentioned the U.S. ought to ban the Chinese app TikTok.

“I think the last few weeks have shown why it’s so urgent that we ban it. It’s not just that it puts the data privacy and security of all Americans at risk, but now it’s turned into a propaganda machine for Chinese communists,” he mentioned. “A good rule of thumb in these situations is if we would not have let communist Russia do it in the Cold War, we shouldn’t let communist China do it now.”

Mr. Biden instructed reporters after the assembly Wednesday that he and Mr. Xi could have direct contact in future months. He mentioned he spoke about human rights and he “welcomes the positive steps” they took to strengthen diplomacy.

“In the months ahead, we’re going to continue to preserve and pursue high-level diplomacy with the [People’s Republic of China] in both directions, to keep the lines of communication open, including between President Xi and me,” Mr. Biden mentioned. “He and I agreed that each one has to pick up the phone call directly and will be heard immediately.”

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