Tuesday, May 28

Effectively Wild Episode 1998: Congrats on the Paternity Go away

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter a couple of good time to be a Pirates fan, whether or not the red-hot Rays or the ice-cold A’s will regress extra towards the imply over the remainder of the season, Rob Manfred’s feedback about A’s followers, Logan O’Hoppe’s damage and Brandon Marsh’s scorching streak, whether or not Bryce Harper has Wolverine’s therapeutic issue, a Byron Buxton catch-22, the Twins’ lack of stolen bases, rosin’s actual results, the early-season damage price, and extra. Then (1:00:20) they Stat Blast concerning the one pitcher who received’t let the pitch clock rush him, Mookie Betts and the latest-career starting-shortstop debuts, and MLB tendencies in paternity depart, plus (1:37:41) the shocking origin of “velocity” as a substitute time period for “speed” in baseball, a Past Blast (1:45:22) from 1998, and some follow-ups (1:48:42).

Audio intro: Andy Ellison, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Jonathan Crymes, “Effectively Wild Theme

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