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Catholic creator says ‘elites’ threaten American dream with ‘War on Virtue’

Left-wing ideology has enveloped America’s “elites in virtually every institution” and attacked the values that made this nation a world chief, says Catholic creator Bill Donohoe.

Such leaders “think that there are certain segments of our population, which are not capable on their own, of practicing the vital virtues of personal responsibility, self-control and perseverance, the vital virtues which enable all other people to succeed in society,” stated Mr. Donohoe, longtime head of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.

Speaking from his New York City workplace, he known as out transgenderism, COVID restrictions imposed by state leaders who didn’t adhere to them and a departure from conventional values instilled in earlier generations.

His advised antidote: “Trust your gut” when confronted with theories that replicate “the madness of our time” and push again towards these concepts.

Mr. Donohoe expands on these themes in his new guide, “War on Virtue: How the Ruling Class is Killing the American Dream,” which was revealed final week by Sophia Institute Press.

In an interview with The Washington Times, he stated his expertise instructing Black and Puerto Rican college students within the Nineteen Seventies satisfied him that “everybody can learn if you give them the tools. [And] the tools are not ‘equity’ education.”

Instead, he stated, if these “vital virtues … are imbued in you, you are likely to be a success.”

Mr. Donohue stated those that have deserted these virtues to insist “racism and structural oppression” are on the root of societal issues are harming the communities these elites say they need to assist.

He stated his guide tells the story of progressive sociologist George Fitzhugh, who within the 1850s supported slavery “because he believed that black people were inferior. … As slaves, they were the ‘freest’ people in the world, because everything was taken care of for them.”

Such pondering, Mr. Donohue stated, extends to the trendy age and has sparked what Charles Murray known as the “custodial democracy” by which the state has to help Blacks and “push them across the finish line.”

He blames a postmodern “attack on truth”  for right this moment’s societal views that there are genders past female and male: “There’s no such thing as a third sex, nevermind the hundreds of them that some of the mad people are trying to argue,” he stated.

“We don’t need to depopulate the asylums we need to build more of them,” Mr. Donohue stated.

He stated that whereas Karl Marx, co-author of “The Communist Manifesto,” held a “flawed understanding” of human nature, he “at least had a vision for the future to make society better.”

By distinction, he stated, right this moment’s leftists “don’t have a future they can look forward to. They know socialism doesn’t work, communism doesn’t work, [so] they become nihilists.”

Mr. Donahue stated a return to the “natural law” frequent to Aristotle’s and St. Thomas Aquinas’ works is a means ahead.

“We know what makes for the good society, and it’s built on a natural law understanding that there are things in your heart of hearts that you know are fundamentally wrong,” he stated. “It’s wrong to kill innocent human beings, that you don’t need to be taught by the government, and when the government tells you that it’s okay, then you need to resist.”

After 30 years as president of the Catholic League, Mr. Donohue admits there are occasions when he wonders about profitable the battle.

“But I have two choices,” he informed an interviewer. “Either I quit or continue to fight. It’s an easy choice for me. I’m an Irish Catholic New Yorker and the fight is still in me.”

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